SEO Migration Services

SEO Website Migration Services

An SEO migration is one of the most important add-ons when choosing to migrate an old website to a new website. Many people neglect this step leading to a loss of rankings and traffic which you have worked hard for and spent a lot of money towards over the years.

Elevate and protect your website’s online success with our specialized SEO migration service. We expertly navigate complex transitions like domain changes, change in website URL structures and server migrations, ensuring that your new site keeps its valuable search engine rankings and organic traffic.

With HandL Agency, your digital presence stays strong and visible, ensuring minimal loss in search engine visibility when moving to a new website. Speak with us today on 0117 457 6659 or book your free strategy meeting below.

Secure Your Rankings

Time and time again, we see dental practices neglect one of the most important tasks when building a new website. An SEO migration is one of the most important tasks when moving across to a new website design, changing your domain name, moving servers or updating URL structures across your website.

We have seen businesses that have neglected or have not been aware of this step and lost years of investment and hard work overnight. If you have run an SEO campaign in the medical space before, you will know how difficult it can be to reach those high-ranking positions that drive your website lots of traffic and leads each month.

SEO migration Services

When moving to a new website, search engines see your website as a new separate entity. This means any rankings and success on your old website will simply be lost when you make the transfer to the new website.

However, an SEO migration, in basic terms will inform search engines that these two websites are linked and let them know that your old website is now moving across to the new website. By making these connections, page by page, search engines such as Google will now understand that these websites are related and keep you ranking in the same position as long as the website migration checklist is met.

Our SEO Website Migration Checklist Includes:

SEO Migration

Benefits Of An SEO Site Migration

An SEO migration can be a complex and confusing task that can be difficult to understand if you are unfamiliar with the website and digital marketing space. Therefore, here at HandL Agency, we make it as straightforward and as simple as possible for you to understand.

Here are some of the benefits you will attain from opting to complete an SEO migration when moving to a new website.

Secure Your Search
Engine Rankings

One of the main benefits of choosing to complete an SEO migration is to secure your search engine rankings and position on Google. If you have run SEO campaigns in the past, you will know how much time, money and effort are put into securing these high-ranking positions. In particular, if you rank for high search volume and competitive keywords in the medical space. By not completing an SEO migration these rankings can be wiped out overnight. Therefore, with a site migration, you can ensure your rankings are safe and secure without the risk of losing years of hard work and investment.

Improved Website
Structure & User

An SEO migration includes re-organising and optimising your website’s structure. This can lead to a more intuitive navigation system, making it easier for users to find what they need whilst at the same time making it easier for search engines to crawl your website.

Protecting Your Domain Authority

Your domain authority is your trust rating score you have built up with Google via the procedure of obtaining backlinks to your website over the years. This off-site SEO practice is a major part of securing your rankings on search engines and when you change your website domain or URL structure of your website you can lose everything you have obtained. With an SEO migration, you can ensure your backlinks are reclaimed so you haven’t lost your valuable backlinks which you have spent years growing and establishing.

Project Plan & Roadmap

We always strive to be as transparent and as clear as possible with all of our clients, especially when navigating a complex topic such as a site migration which is an intricate procedure with lots of moving parts.

Before we begin the migration process, we will create a detailed SEO migration strategy that includes a project roadmap so you can be clear on the exact tasks and procedures that will be taking place. On top of this, you will speak with your dedicated account manager and SEO migration specialist to ensure everything is covered.

As the SEO work takes place, you will be able to see it being updated in the project roadmap. Our team will work in unison with the web development team to ensure all the processes and procedures are in place before the new website is launched to ensure that you have the best chance of securing all of your current rankings.

Migrate Your Dental Website Today

If you are looking to secure your position on search engines and maintain all the SEO work that you have invested in over the years, choosing an SEO migration is pivotal to maintaining your success online.

Speak with a member of the team on 0117 457 6659 or book in your free strategy meeting today.

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