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Social Media Marketing For Dentists

Dental social media marketing is pivotal for dental practices that want to stay up with trends and engage with a younger audience online. From creating engaging promotional material, responding to your clients and expanding your digital presence; social media marketing is something that all practices should look to take advantage of in this day and age.

Dental social media marketing can help to expand the visibility of your dental practice across different social media platforms allowing you to get in front of a wider audience and different demographics meaning you can start to build your brand online and begin to convert more users and get more referrals for your dental practice.

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Bespoke Dental Social Media Strategy

Here at HandL Agency, we can create a bespoke dental social media strategy for your dentistry that creates engaging content that resonates and appeals to your target audience, helping you to expand your online presence and generate leads through the use of various social media channels.

Our dental social media marketing strategy contains the following to help build your presence on social media platforms:

Social media strategy

Your Customised Social Media Marketing Strategy

Specialised Quarterly Social Media Strategy

Social media marketing can be a very personal and brand-driven way of marketing your dental practice. With our dental social media management package we will create a dedicated quarterly plan mapping out all 24 social posts for the month. 

This will allow you to plan ahead for any deals, offers or promotions you want to choose to engage with your audience over this period of time and we can even perform different types of campaigns and strategies catering to your different audiences across various different social media platforms meaning we can optimise your content strategy differently for social media platforms such as Instagram compared to social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

Building Unique Content

We pride ourselves on creating unique content that resonates with your brand creating an authoritative, trustworthy and caring voice. All of our content will be written with your brand identity in mind, whilst maintaining compliance with GDC regulations. In addition to this, we can help raise brand awareness by creating engaging content and getting people talking about your account with real engagement. All of our content is designed to help you generate more leads, increase visibility and get more referrals to your dental practice.

Scheduling & Posting

Once you have agreed and signed off on all the posts and captions for the month, we will begin to schedule your posts so that they start to get posted on your accounts at the optimal day and time helping you to maximise your engagement rate and therefore generate more visibility of your dentistry profile on different social media marketing platforms. We will monitor the data that we receive so that we continue to learn the best time and days to post your social media content so that it will get seen by the most people.


At the end of each month, you will receive a monthly report that is designed to showcase the results of all your different social media accounts on each platform. This will provide you with awareness of the social media posts that performed well and the ones that didn't, alongside the growth of each different social media account you have. This report will explore engagement rates such as likes, comments and shares as well as the overall performance of your account such as follows, page likes, subscriptions and URL clicks.
Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms

From Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter we can help manage your social media accounts, creating dedicated campaigns that focus on generating engaging and informative content that can result in an increase of visibility and conversions.

All of our social media marketing campaigns are built exclusively for each platform allowing you to appeal to the target audience of each social media platform effortlessly.

Fully GDC Complaint Social Media Posts

Ensuring your social media posts are GDC-compliant is essential for maintaining professional standards, ensuring patient privacy and providing accurate health information. The General Dental Council (GDC) guidelines protect both the practice and the patients, reinforcing trust and integrity in the healthcare community.

We specialise in crafting GDC-compliant content, ensuring that your social media presence is not only engaging but also adheres to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. This approach not only safeguards your practice from potential legal issues but also enhances your reputation as a reliable and responsible dental healthcare provider.

GDC Compliant social media posts

Create Your Social Media Marketing Plan Today

We can take your social media profiles to the next level allowing you to dominate your preferred platform and really connect with your clients. Speak with one of our social media marketing specialists today and let’s get started in creating your bespoke social media marketing plan.

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