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We are the leading provider of dental SEO services in the UK. Choose HandL Agency to grow your dental practice with proven local SEO strategies. Book your free strategy meeting and speak with a dental SEO expert today at 0117 457 6659.

We provide dental practices with a bespoke SEO service that is designed to help your website rank higher on Google, increase traffic, grow your leads and improve your user’s online experience.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is all about making your website a perfect match for what people are searching for online. Optimising for SEO helps your dental website show up more prominently in search engine results, like on Google, ensuring it meets what your visitors are looking for effectively, helping you rank for specific dental search terms. Optimising your website helps build trust with users and search engines allowing your brand to increase its visibility online and start generating leads organically.

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Optimising Your Dental Website For Search Engines

Our dental SEO service is entirely tailored to your brand, driving your dentistry with high-quality traffic that will convert into potential patients and help deliver a measurable return on investment for your business. Our SEO strategies are devoid of any artificial tactics like bots or spam. We use organic strategies that are handcrafted specifically for the dental industry, your dental practice and your team.

We provide SEO for dentists which is a service that guarantees that your website not only achieves but also deserves its high-ranking position on search engines, capitalizing on the most up-to-date dental SEO practices to boost your online presence and drive meaningful traffic and leads for your dental practice.

Our Dental SEO Packages:

Basic Beginner SEO Package

Cost: £300 per month

Allocated SEO hours: 4 hours pm

Allocated web design hours: 1 hours pm

Perfect for small, independent dentists targeting a small, local town in their city.

Local Legends SEO Package

Cost: £650 per month

Allocated SEO hours: 8 hours pm

Allocated web design hours: 2 hours pm

Perfect for dental practices that are looking to dominate their niche and city.

All-Star SEO Package

Cost: £900 per month

Allocated SEO hours: 12 hours pm

Allocated web design hours: 3 hours pm

An ideal choice for dental practices looking to dominate nationally or in a large city.

Dental SEO Marketing Timeline

As the leading dental SEO agency in the UK, here at HandL Agency, we are proud to provide SEO for dentists across the UK. We know SEO can be a confusing topic hence why we are always completely transparent with all our clients about our dental SEO campaigns from strategies, work completed, results and reporting.

Please read what our monthly SEO process consists of below…

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Bespoke Dental SEO Strategy

We guarantee that all of our different dental SEO strategies are built to be completely bespoke and customised to all the requirements of your specific dental practice. At the start of every quarter, you will be provided with a custom dental SEO strategy that will include an agreed plan of action for all the SEO work to take place over the next three months. It will be built out by your dedicated SEO specialists and will work on the focused dental search terms and keywords you want to rank higher for on search engines.

Dedicated SEO Executive & Account Manager

Our SEO packages include a dedicated account manager and SEO executive who will speak with you every month in an in-person or online meeting. During this meeting, we will discuss the monthly SEO results of the campaign, the focus and the SEO plan of action alongside any other dental marketing strategies you may want to consider.

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In-Depth SEO Analytics & Tracking

It is important to be as transparent and clear as possible when it comes to reporting the success of your SEO campaign. Our dental SEO services are tailored to meet the specific expectations and goals of your business. With our in-depth monthly SEO reporting, we can measure the success of your campaign. Our in-depth tracking allows us to identify what works well and enables us to make ongoing improvements to our SEO strategies to aid in achieving the best possible result for your dental clinic. You will receive a monthly report each month which tracks KPIs such as visibility, conversion rates, search engine rankings and website speed of your dental practice website.

Fully Compliant With GDC, ICO and GDPR

One of the most important things when using a digital marketing agency is ensuring that their content is fully compliant with all the legal dentistry requirements. In 2012, the General Dental Council (GDC) issued updated guidelines for the online advertising of dental services and treatments. These guidelines, influenced by EU directives, are mandatory for dental professionals who state on their websites that they offer dental care or treatment. By choosing HandL Agency, you can have peace of mind that all of our SEO content will be fully compliant with GDC, ICO and GDPR regulations.

How Can SEO Help Your Dental Practice?

Why Is Search Engine Optimisation Important For Dentists?

Increase Visibility & Accessibility

SEO is important for dental websites because, without a reputable online presence, your potential patients won’t be able to find you on search engines. Over 77% of the population uses search engines to locate a new healthcare provider meaning if you aren’t appearing high up in Google rankings you are missing out on more patients and search visibility. With our SEO efforts, you can appear high on search results and book more dental patients.

Generate High-Quality Leads & Conversions

We offer SEO for dentists in order to help them book new patients and generate high-quality leads for their dental practices. SEO offers long-term benefits meaning once a website ranks well it can maintain generating a steady flow of high-quality leads without the ongoing excessive expenses associated with things such as traditional marketing and paid dental marketing services.

SEO Builds Trust With Your Dental Services

In dentistry and the medical industry, trust and credibility are everything to a brand. When we do SEO for dentists we help dental practices become more established and trustworthy online. Websites that appear higher in search results are often perceived as more credible and trustworthy. By optimising your website, dentists can build trust with potential patients before they even step into the practice.

Book In Your Free Strategy Meeting

If you are interested in increasing the amount of traffic to your website, improving online visibility, booking more prospective patients and growing your rankings on search engines such as Google. Speak with a member of the team on 0117 457 6659 today and book your free strategy call to discuss how search engine optimisation can benefit your dental practice.

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